Why Weight Loss Matters

sizeist-weight-loss-biasThere used to be a stigma about weight loss. As much as fat people were ostracized for their weight, people who go to the gym used to be labeled as vain. Thank goodness this kind of thinking has been revolutionized as more people are now aware of the importance of weight to one’s overall health.
My decision to lose weight started with the fact that I was no longer healthy. It took months to shed off a couple of pounds and more than a year to finally reach the weight that my dietitian had set for me. Now I feel lighter and more comfortable not just with how I look but with my overall health as well.
You see, weight loss is definitely not about vanity – at least not for me. It started out with a warning from my doctor that if I don’t take care of my weight, I might develop chronic illnesses sooner or later. I am grateful that I listened to that warning. Not only did it motivate me to be proactive with my health. It also challenged me to focus on my body, which is basically the vehicle I use to push through with my life.
We are given one life and one body. People who won the genetic lottery for having natural lean bodies are relatively lucky. However, for those who have to work hard to maintain a healthy weight have to face the challenges. I should say I did not choose to be fat. However, I did not choose to be healthy before I was warned about impending illnesses either. I was blissfully unaware of what my lifestyle was doing to my health. I was lucky I was shaken by fear that I chose to be proactive about losing weight and getting fit.
The Challenges of Weight Loss and How to Overcome Them
For people like me, weight loss can be challenging. Not only does it deprive you of midnight snacks. It also requires you to be disciplined enough to follow through with your gym schedules and regular visits to the dietitian. On top of all that, not eating much to lose weight is ironically expensive.
I braved all of these challenges by knowing that it is worth to invest in my body. This is not for vanity reasons, although it requires a certain amount of self-love to make the initial steps. Quitting my unhealthy lifestyle has a lot to do with the people around me, my family and friends, who encouraged me to be healthy.
If you are facing weight problems, know that you can get out of it. It is possible to be healthy. All you have to do is to choose health and work towards it. You do not have to starve yourself. You only need to control what you eat, get advice from an expert, and schedule physical activities such as running or walking. You do not even have to go to the gym if it is too expensive for you.
Once you get pass the initial steps of weight loss and begin to reap the rewards, you will be ‘addicted’ to being healthy. This is a really good thing to be addicted to.

Weight Loss and Technology

jawbone-up3-food-tracking-1439912156-6Hoe-column-width-inlineWhen I started my weight loss campaign, I did not have the convenience of using technology with me. There were no smartphone apps that would tell me how many miles I have covered or that would show me how much calories I have consumed for the day. In other words, it was all old school manual tracking of my activities and meals.
Many people still rely on old methods of losing weight. In fact, an instructor at the gym that I go to does not believe these smartphone apps will make a difference in the weight loss process. He thinks that at the end of the day, it will always go down to how much a person wants to lose weight. While he acknowledges the usefulness of these smart phone apps, he also knows how they do not make a difference in the overall scheme of things.
I have to say I lost all the weight that I had without using calorie counters or other devices on my mobile phone. However, I know people who have enjoyed the benefits of having all the calories recorded and computed for them. It makes tracking and monitoring your meals a lot easier compared to writing them down after every meal. The cool thing is there are even smartphone apps where you can simply put the food or beverage and it will indicate the number of calories you have consumed.
In other words, it is so much easier to get things recorded. Aside from counting calories, you also now have the option to know how much cholesterol intake you have had. You can also monitor your weight loss progress as some smartphone apps allow you to set an alarm to remind you about your regular weigh in. It is also amazing how you can set weight goals and get calorie adjustments depending on the amount of time you wish to achieve your goal.
However, I keep thinking about what the instructor at the gym told his clients. He was very clear about acknowledging the usefulness of these apps but he cannot acknowledge its effects on the overall scheme of losing weight.
Now that I think about it, these smartphone apps are tools that can help us reach our desired weight. However, they remain as tools that require proper utilization. Some can argue that the convenience may be counterproductive in the sense that it allows you to be lazy and relaxed about the whole process. While there is nothing wrong with convenience, these apps should help boost your motivation to reach your goals instead of giving you too much breathing space.
So go out and download that smartphone app, which allows you to monitor how many miles you have jogged. Then put on your running shoes and go out there. Set a goal for yourself and check your phone if you have reached that goal at the end of the day. You should get more motivation knowing that you have completed what you have set out to do.

Middle Age and Weight Loss – Is it too late?

Woman_Senior_AthleticMiddle age is that time in a person’s life when choices are being re-evaluated. For people who are lucky enough to be conscious about their weight before they hit middle age, nothing much needs to be done except to maintain healthy weight. On the other hand, people who let themselves “loose” may be having a more difficult time shedding off the pounds.
Losing weight loss in middle age is challenging because a person’s metabolism slows down as our age gets higher. At the same time, most middle-aged people are busier since work and family life may come in the way of going to the gym or exercising.
The good news is it is never too late to lose weight. Middle age may have more challenges, but it is still possible with persistence and patience. In fact, it is during this time in a person’s life when one needs to be more fit and healthy.
Even when you are busy at work, you can add simple activities that will help your weight loss goals. Here are some simple ways to integrate weight loss to your daily routine.
Use the stairs instead of the lift. This is one of the common ways to exercise without going to the gym. Using the stairs is similar to using the treadmill as it is also a cardio activity that helps get your heart rate up.
Do errands yourself. This may not be applicable to all kinds of jobs, but do errands whenever possible. This means do not stay on your desk the whole day. Not only will this affect your circulation. It will also cause problems on your back and neck. On top of that, you are not doing anything to help with your weight loss goals.
Plan outdoor activities with your family. Health and weight loss does not have to be something you do by yourself. You can go biking with your children or enjoy regular strolls at the park. It does not really matter how simple or difficult the activity is. As long as you are out sweating all the unhealthy food you have eaten for the day.
Make time for your health. By this, I mean you allot time to go to the gym and prepare healthy meals. Your body is all you have. It is what you use to fulfill the demands needed for your job and the time required to enjoy your family and friends. In other words, you need to take care of it. Giving time for your health is a great investment so you can enjoy everything that life has to offer.
These are some simple ways on how you can integrate exercise into your lifestyle. As far as eating healthy is concerned, it’s time you consult a dietitian about the best meals for you. Most people in their middle age suffer from different diseases. That is why you should not jump in with the latest fad weight loss programs. It is best to get consultations from a specialist on the best diet for you.